The Hiding – Update on upcoming release

It has been a while since we have written on here and after updating our website we thought it would be remiss of us not to say a few words on what we have been up to. 

New York City was a big turning point for The Hiding both stylistically, and as growing independent artists.  The change in our style of writing and the constant quest/search for writing songs true to us, finally found a platform.  What does that mean?  In some way, in the past, we struggled to find the balance between what do our fans ‘want to hear’, what do radio presenters ‘what to play’ and what do sync companies ‘want to licence’ – and what we actually want to sound like.  We think we have met that balance and we achieved this by really discovering what we love to talk about, explore socially, and analyse in our life experience and we’ve delivered that through a style that we actually really love playing.  Anthony (our guitarist and singer) connected with an artist from Canada (Maneli Jamal) when in NYC and soon after started Skype guitar lessons with Maneli to explore a percussive form of playing guitar.  With the complexity of this style of guitar playing we then thought why not get a special guest vocalist on the track to just interpret the melody and deliver the lyrical content in a unique way that complemented this style of guitar playing?  It was at this point that our new track ‘Karma my life’ was born. 

Even though we now have a sound that we are really proud of, that portrays a journey of our experiences that is honest and exposing, it is important to us that it impacts our friends/fans/family in a positive way and helps with a bit of escapism when needed. 

 We have a bunch of online intimate shows coming up where we can connect and communicate with all of you around the globe.  This is the next important step for The Hiding.  We can’t wait to do this and it’s only weeks away.  Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the new music! 

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